Amended with my own answers, but originally from, many things not to say to a photographer. Or me. Or any other creative type for that matter!!

  1. We can’t pay you, but the exposure will be great.
    Uhm, no thanks. Exposure doesn’t pay my bills. Good day to you, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!
  2. When the model looks nothing like what you booked.
    Basically, natural is key. Though I don’t agree with the way the original article handled this point – as long as you have an updated, make up free photo of yourself, that really helps.
  3. Do not put an Instagram filter over the photos!
    Please let a professional edit the images, and if referring to point 2, no filters whatsoever.
    Okay, this is where it gets messy. Do NOT post a photographers image without credit. You’ll be in a whole world of pain otherwise. It’s unprofessional and it makes you look bad.
  5. You’re so young?
    Nope, just look alright for my age! If the photographer is younger (and not me!), don’t forget in some schools, you can study Photography as an A Level, possibly even at GCSE!
  6. It’s just clicking a button.
    NO. IT. IS. NOT. Holy mother of defecation. Would you like a lesson on how to use a professional DSLR? May I suggest signing up for a degree. You’re going to need it…
  7. You charge how much?
    Yes. Yes I do. See point 6 – and may I also set a friendly reminder, the 3 P’s. Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Okay, there’s 5, but it’s only 3 actions 😉 Also, hiring kit, location fees, if any, insurance for both you AND the photographer AND the photography kit. And expenses. Go with someone cheaper, you get what you pay for.
  8. Back in my day, we did real photography with film.
    Guess what? I do too. Tell me, when was the last time you used a large format camera?
  9. After hours in make up, not liking the make up.
    Suck it up, if it’s for a commercial piece and you’re on assignment as you’re a model? Make do. If not, at least communicate with the photographer and the make up artist what you’re looking for, bring pictures if you have to!
  10. Being underpriced by amateurs.
    See the answer to point 7 – you get what you pay for.
  11. Your photos are so good; your camera must be great!
    Hm. I will stare you down. Hard down. Stop and think about what you just said!!
  12. I want a Hollywood sized photoshoot production for five quid and no experience.
    We can do that… In your wildest dreams. You’re looking at spending £1k minimum, FYI. That’s if you don’t want it to look cheap and tacky.
  13. You’re a photographer? So do you shoot weddings or babies?
    If you’ve done your research about me, you’ll know I don’t do either. Unless it’s for friends who need me in particular. I have a different angle on my photography.
  14. Working as a collaboration, yet doing all the work.
    Though I don’t mind this personally, as at least I know that I can rely on myself, what’s worse is someone saying they’ll do something and not pull through. Nope. Nope. No. Don’t even go there.
  15. Everyone always wanting to look at the back of the camera, or getting sneak peeks.
    Again, I don’t mind a little bit of peeking, but constantly? No. Stop. The shoot will just take way longer!!
  16. You’re invited to our wedding! Can you bring your camera?!
    Look. You’re either hiring me in a professional capacity, or you’re inviting me as a guest. You can’t have the best of both worlds.
    P.S. No, I’m not lowering my fees.

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