Okay. So…

Making a big/huge/bold step and venturing into the world of vlogging. Why, I hear you ask… No, really, “WHY?!!!”

I don’t know. It means my face best be camera ready, is why! (FLAIL!)

My channel is currently under construction, but as soon as I have a launch date ready for you, I would love for some subscribers.

Put it this way, what will make my channel different? Erm, may not have the beauts, but I can tell you one thing… *my beautiful wit and sarcasm. It brings all the boys and girls to the yard…* No milkshakes needed here, my friends!!

Not only will I be uploading my own created content, but there will be q&a opportunities. For photography and also weird and wonderful. If I know my friends (and I do know them…), they’re the kind of people who’d ask me to pretend to be a coyote for 20 seconds, or something as ridiculous.

So yeah – I’m going to leave it there for now. Over and out!

M x