Heaven forbid, a photographer be classed as an independent business, right? Right. Well, that’s the current encounter.

I’ve seen evidence of companies who aren’t necessarily independent, and sometimes chain businesses, charge clients through the nose to receive images that are less than decent, if not shoddy. But people still buy from them. Why??

And this is where people like me struggle. The struggle is real, the dole is real, and the panic is real. What’s to stop an individual buying from a photographer? Sure, price can be off-putting, especially if you don’t get physical prints, but you don’t quite realise what a photographer pays out for… A small example: Insurance (you/them/camera equipment), travel, accommodation (dependent!), equipment hire (they may need a specific lens, and no, not all lenses are the same!), hours worked with you, and hours in post-production (editing images). Regardless of how many images are churned out, we’re easily looking at £200/250+. May sound a lot to some, but here’s a reality check – London photographers are easily asking £400-500 for a basic portrait session. Or more.

You’ll also get the person who wants to undercut the photographer and offer you a much cheaper deal. “You get what you pay for!”

Photography is not cheap.

It’s just the same as any JuicePlus or Younique seller. All independent.

Bearing this in mind, I’m offering brand new portrait sessions to friends/locals for an exclusive offer throughout July. For prices and further info, hit the contact button! It’s on the main page at the bottom, or at the top!