These people who blog all the time – how do they do it? And do they really have a readership? I say that, but I mean, how many people read their blogs as opposed to how many signed up? I know I don’t read every blog post I’m signed up to. Sometimes I find it an overload of information, especially if it’s three times a week.

Bringing me to my blog – do I want regimen? Not particularly. Sometimes you can tell when someone is blogging for the sake of blogging – how much of the content is authentic content, and how much of it is for show, to keep ‘on top of the game’?? No thanks, I’ll blog when I have something meaningful to say.

Aside from blogging (and preparing to vlog, oh yeah, you even get to see and hear my ugly mug moving and talking!), I’m still job hunting. Le sigh. When you think you’ve found the perfect job, it gets whipped out from under your feet like a carpet! Unfortunately, the jobs I’m applying for, I’m either over or under qualified. Or, I’ve “been out of work too long” … Erm, prejudiced, much? But anyways, I shan’t rant!

If you know anyone looking for a photographic studio hand, or assistant/administration-type-roles in photography (preferably London, or Kent), let me know! Or, even, gulp, photography jobs! Kind of looking to work for some newspapers, perhaps The Guardian or The Observer… (Keep on wishing, Meels!)

*Photo credit: © NKS_Imagery via Getty Images via Google. Because Google.